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  • Choosing a Supplement for Your Dog

    Here at The Bone House, we believe that a happy dog is a healthy dog! Providing a complete and biologically appropriate diet is the first step to ensuring your dogs health and well-being. But just like us, dogs don’t absorb all of the essential vitamins and fatty acids they need from even the best of [...]

  • Introducing Bold Raw

    We are excited by the newest addition to our kitchen, Bold Raw! Bold Raw is committed to offering only Canadian sourced and raised meats, free of antibiotics and hormones. They choose to use only provincially or federally inspected abattoirs, and only use meats that pass the inspection process which are deemed fit for human consumption. [...]

  • LICK

    I came across Ty Foster‘s amazing photographs this morning during my weekly perusal of Dog Milk . LICK is the first instalment of images from Ty’s Lick Project, a series that began as a spin-off of some photo-session bloopers. These hilarious pics have now become an intentional collection of portraits with more images and a Lick Book [...]

  • Amazing Animal Friendships

    “Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” ~Albert Einstein                                                       [...]

  • We are crazy about See Scout Sleep!

    Eco friendly, hand crafted and super stylish, no wonder we are crazy about See Scout Sleep! These beautiful new summer colours make the perfect summer outfit and are sure to brighten your day.                       We are fully stocked on the original colours too!     [...]

  • Grey Paw Is On The Way!

    What do you get when you combine leash makers, animal lovers and tree huggers… GREY PAW!! We are running to the door every time a mail truck pulls up outside the shop, here’s why:                                           [...]

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  • Welcome Wildebeest!

    Fun, Stylish, Versatile, Functional, Duarable, Eco-Friendly and a must have this summer.                                                                                       [...]

  • Compassionate Consumerism

      I consider myself an informed, compassionate consumer. I look for the leaping bunny label. I make a conscious effort to shop for products produced by companies on Peta’s “Beauty Without Bunnies Program” list . But what happens when a company you have come to trust, lifts it’s ban on animal testing? Will you be notified? Will [...]

  • We need your votes!

    I love my job! It’s hard not to be happy when my days are spent with wagging tails, cold noses and furry bodies. Opening an eco conscious dog shop in Leslieville in 2009 was a bit of a risk. My first year of business was a struggle on a personal level but the one thing [...]



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